Weighting Information is where YOUR Value enters and enhances the classic Economic Model

winformation© = weight & information

winformatics© = science of weighted information

There's a one and only solution for a better and more sustainable decision making.
Show the information AND its weight.
Weighting bits and bytes.

Winformation and Winformatics are part of 3 projects:

1. Project NEMO (New/Next Economic Model)

2. INSEDE (Institute for Sustainable Economic Development)

3. Business Engineering Systems (BES, Set of enhanced Mindware)

Just try it yourself.
The new Winformatics solution with the interactive Excel template below. (Or view/download template from here (MS OneDrive)).
Go to our contact template here, if you have any questions.

Make your winformatic Valueprofile (it's an ExcelWebApplication)

Change text and numbers in the greyed field and get your value profile.
Unter dem Profil ist der Public Value in Kreisform dargestellt. Die Proportionen der Kreisflächen sind identisch mit den Rechtecken.
Refreshing the webpage sets back the information to the original values.

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